زمان بندی فرایند رتبه بندی:

��دیف مرحله حداکثر زمان پیش بینی شده
1  پرداخت تعرفه خدمات رتبه بندی و جمع آوری مستند����������ت فرم های ثبت نامی
2  ارسال مدار�� متقاضی به واحد رتبه بن��ی
3  بررسی اولیه مدارک متقاضی توسط واحد رتبه بندی حداکثر 1 هفته
4  ارسال نامه رفع نواقص (در صورت وجود نواقص احتمالی در مجموعه مدارک) حداکثر 1 هفته پس از دریافت کامل مستندات
5  ارزیابی و تعیین رتبه اولیه حداکثر 15 روز کاری پس از دریاف���� کامل مستندات
6  برگزاری جلسه حضوری با مدیرعامل و مدیران ��ر��د* حداکثر 1 ماه پ���������� از د����������افت کامل م����تندات
7  دریافت مستندات ��شتیبان همراه با فرم نظرسن��ی پس از برگزاری جلسه حضوری حداکثر 10 روز کاری پس از برگزاری جلسه حضوری
9  تهیه گواهینامه رتبه و گزارش رتبه بندی حداکثر 1 هفته پ�� از دریافت مستندات پشتیبان


Important Note: Due to the credit rating of a year, if later than three months from the date of registration of the applicant does not end the process of rating, ranking dropped process and to resume the process of a written request from the the applicant will be required.

Initial examination and write a deficiencies

The receipt of the documents by one ranking, the documents within a maximum period of one week and a maximum of 10 days deficiencies with a deadline for application is submitted.Given that the entire system is based ranking is based on self-reported and no investigation at any stage of the process is not done so a fix defects sent to the applicant, and further guidance is not binding.Obviously, the lack of documents meant disregarding related points.

Evaluation and initial ranking

After the initial ranking of documents, extract, validate and analyze the data and determine the applicant's initial rating.

Meeting face to face with the CEO and senior executives

After the initial ranking by the evaluation unit, a ranking based on the completion of the first stage and the timing of the meeting in person with the CEO and senior executives will be sent to the applicant.The meeting provided some comments on the general plan and then report ranking the applicant as a result of the findings of the assessment of the evidence alleged by the applicant is offered to the audience.After holding this meeting provided ratings report with the survey form was sent to the applicant and the date of the foregoing, the applicant has a maximum of 10 days to submit supporting documentation possible to this unit.

With final rank and publish ratings

After supporting documents by the Evaluation Team, ranked applicant determined after the final report and the relevant certificate to the applicant. Report rankings in both Persian and English in the rating system can be used to address www.R4B.ir.

It should be noted that the decision to report ranking is possible only with the consent of the applicant.

Applying for revesion

If the applicant feels that a number of fundamental factors have not been considered in the process can be announced within ten days of the final ranking, the evidence of these factors, along with the appeal and pay 70% of the cost to send the original rankings. The jury after the re-evaluation of assessment by examining the documents issued a final rating. This rating is not renewable.

Identification and tracking

To enable identification and tracking is provided for each applicant to file a case in which the documentary is ranking reports, national identifier for legal entities and the national code for individuals, the ability to detect and track records will enable ranking.

All applicants

All documents and information provided by the applicant, the system identified and ranked, in the form of electronic files kept in case of loss or any damage to the applicant shall be notified These documents and information written approval only if the applicant the survey will be available to the public or stakeholders.

Extended Rating

This credit rating is an annual information according to annual changes. Due to this, the applicant is required to renew his rating up to a month before the credit rating is and take appropriate action in the event of non-performance of the consequences of failure to renew the applicant's rating