A Short History of the ranking of economic actors

The basic idea Ranking entrepreneurs in 1386 by Mr. doctor Nahavandian presidency of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines emerged.The idea with the efforts of Mr. Shokr khodayi and Mr.Foroozanfard with the primary goal was to differentiate between economic actors executive.For this purpose, a series of research activities to be defined that Led to the international credit rating systems such as the S & P, Moody, Fitch …And systems used in the Far East, as well as chambers of commerce activities carried out in neighboring countries such as room Dubai, Saudi Arabia.In addition to ranking in the country and the history and effectiveness of all systems they studied and all of which were documented in a detailed report and management report.It should be noted that currently about 10,000 page document available in this field.

From this description, a rating model was developed two years later.The first model was a comprehensive model with a large number of indicators to cred and the second with the same logic and was designed with a smaller number of indicators.It rating firms Both models according to four headings of management, finance, legal, were designed through extensive simulations that model has been calibrated And editing of them were prepared to offer.

Under Mr. doctor ghazanfari the Trade Promotion Organization,Mr. doctor Nahavandian inviting all stakeholders to advise entrepreneurs in the country on the issue of rankings done by them to the meeting of the Trade Promotion Organization guidelines and have expressed their views.After an hour of discussion and comments by Mr. Shokr khodayi proposed activity Welcomed and endorsed their doctor ghazanfari noting the strength and accuracy of research results, the establishment of a committee room with Iran and cooperation of stakeholders in government was notified.A working group composed of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Cooperatives and Business Card stakeholders such as Ministry of Commerce, Customs, Central Bank, Central Insurance, standards organizations, and more Was formed and regular meetings with peer-led discussion to approve the proposed rate structure system model 100 rooms and the opinions and suggestions of stakeholders was reasonable to ensure consistency with the business climate in the country and the needs of beneficiaries and applicants cards simultaneously it has been accessed.

Of the 3 main objectives of the Iran Chamber was included in the ranking and the model based on the objectives it is designed to support. The objectives are:

-Make a distinction between economic actors through the application of scientific methods and fair ratings

-Facilitating domestic and international trade relations through proper notification of the rank economic actors

-Provide a reliable basis for the granting of special privileges to entrepreneurs ranking

Rating model should represent a utopian scheme of public expectations of the business and a guided approach is to achieve development goals and 1404.According to this plan formulated at the macro level are specified path Which should by all members of the government and the private sector and cooperatives pursued.

According to fashion designers specialized in the issue of quality, productivity, organizational excellence, great efforts have been made To the model, components, method of scoring and the other is using the achievements of high fashion.Balanced attention to stakeholders, key performance results, value-added analysis, trend analysis and compared with the groups, the concept of future plans, the concept of corporate governance are all examples of this model is due to look at.

Another consideration, guidance organizations is to pay more attention to business laws and regulations, import and export and so on because many of the failures of our business due to lack of attention to these rules or their interpretation is wrong.

as well az having looked at designing a model system for long-term business success has led to a model in which components are designed to fully interact with each other and support each other.

These measures have been good interaction model and finally, efforts have been made to the main purpose of which is transparent business climate, the enrichment of databases and improving the business climate is realized.

With this look, as summarized in the ranking model is a profound attention to the following:

-Special attention is to look at the system

-International rating system and models

-Pay special attention to regulations and internal rules

-Development goals and 1404

After 3 years of uninterrupted work and meetings and meetings with officials, business owners, economists and experts this And discussion on the model rankings, ranking individuals and co-operatives National Plan on 8 June 89 the Committee of Ministers income And was appointed to the plan approved by the Commission within 6 months of Regulations is Article 1.Project was established to follow up the rankings until further notice to be done on a voluntary basis to the calibrated model and all of the good performance of this model will ensure.

In this regard, the Chamber of Commerce for its efforts to investigate the non-arrival information applies firms and And trying to parallel using the information provided by applicants is verified by a third party شnd detailed analysis and assessment of information and expertise that the sovereign role to play efficiently and  at the national level to improve the interaction between organizations and companies.The overall result of this Scoreboard is after a 5-year period, more transparency and improving the business environment.

Criteria in this model is about 40 weight distribution criteria for the distribution of international public is learning and localization.For example in the world of professional credit rating up to 600 criteria are assessed But in this model, items intended that each person can at least give them and this model is the ability to collect information and there are no particular problems in collecting information.

Every effort has been this model that the Prime assessments difficult step and not a specific interval But in the long term we can expect cultural and personal attention to accuracy and transparency release it added.