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Considering the importance of scientific and fair performance rating systems to improve business environment and the necessity of using them to provide the necessary conditions for sustainable development, domestic and foreign trade and economic relations and the implementation of laws and regulations under which the legal obligations of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been,rankings center of the room, depending on the room Iran ratings are entrepreneurs.

Ranking member

According to the board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture's time to implement the scheme on a voluntary basis and ranked 100 to 300 on a trial basis in the first phase the plan from April 1390 with a limited call forwarding of the Iranian companies in the field of production, trade, services and construction began and during this period, more than 900 companies were ranked on a voluntary basis with the corresponding model.According to the design process after meeting with the CEO and senior management site visits each applicant, rating model and then made a report rating according to documents submitted by the applicant as a whole is presented to those present.After the comments, feedback and supporting documentation has been potential applicants and after review, the final ranking and report Farsi prepared and will be sent to them.

Text Note 2 paragraph 3 of Article 10 of the Executive Regulations import and export regulations adopted by the Council of Ministers 89/03/08

Chambers of Commerce, Industries and Mines of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Central Cooperative shall within six months from the date of notification in accordance with the procedure provided and the approval of the Committee of Ministers Article 1 of the law enforcement bylaws imply export and import regulations;rate individuals and their cooperatives.Business cards have been ranked on the basis of compliance with the requirement for more than one year will be extended to five years.

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Assessing competence and internal power

Article 5 of the Regulation ranked turning up the production capacity and service needs of the country And strengthening of export and modify Article 104 Direct Taxes Act published In the Official Gazette No. 19658 dated 91/09/06 which provides qualifications Iranian companies according to the ranking published by the Chamber of Commerce by the relevant agencies to be done.

Accounting database credit rating:

Article 9 of the administrative system of health promotion and anti-corruption published in No. 19462 dated 90/03/10 The official newspaper of the Ministry of Finance is obliged to create a database NSF checks and protest bills and credit ratings database of legal entities and businessmen that information is available to credit institutions and individuals and provides for regulation of ratings and how to access and cooperation by the Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Cooperatives to be prepared.

Ranking entrepreneurs echo area

Due to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Iran and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Centers Ranked room was set Echo During a 5-year-old rating system startup entrepreneurs echo the area.But in the context of the implementation of the program designed to create and develop a common database of companies ECO and check the basic information of each firm and their poll ratings and with this rating would not be possible.ECO function rooms provide business information from member states to facilitate members and the more this process.With this perspective, this project is a good platform for business development of member countries through the provision Rank persons and determine their reputation and the preliminary report of the general situation of each of the parties in order to help to establish business relationship is more professional.